Getting more variability in hair styles

We’re trying to create some characters that are based on real people and finding that the hair options are very limited. Granted, all the hair looks amazing – but there’s just not enough flexibility. For example, we have one character who needs longer hair that isn’t necessarily messy, but it needs to be parted on the left side and slightly curled. There is an option for curly hair, and there is an option for very long hair parted on the left side, and there is an option for shorter hair, but nothing that combines all three. Is there a workaround for that? Are more hair styles planned?

Another character needs hair that’s a bit longer than a buzz cut but not curly. We’d even go with spikey hair if we could, but none of the hair options work. There’s an option that’s the right length but curly; another option has the right length of hair but it’s too stylized.

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I will agree, but for some styles you can edit the clip length in the groom component. That might help with the length concerns. Sadly not all grooms appear to respect this setting however.

The variety of hair styles is very low and it seems that fundamental hair styles are missing, faces can be mixed creating diversity, while hairstyles are not.
The hairstyles are very beautiful, but there must be options to diversify them or a wide variety available.
Most character creation softwares does not focus enough on hair, hair is one of the most fundamental parts of a character.
It would be interesting to focus more on hair and also to know what to expect from the future …

Thanks, @llYuell, but I’m referring mainly to hairstyles within MHC.

The MetaHuman tool is a software that will complement the store, that is, we will not find for example more clothes, or more hairstyles, the rest will come from the development of third parties who create clothes for the characters and others who create hairstyles, that is the main objective of Epics Games, to create a product that drives the commercial.

Quixel add new props and materials for free, it would not be so strange that they put more hair, base models, or skins.

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That would defeat the purpose of MH Creator if you can only access more hair styles after export. Hair is an essential part of getting a specific character look. Unless you are proposing that the MHC will integrate with the marketplace so that you can access third party models while editing a character?

yes, inside on MCH of course.

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actually a MCH marketplace where you can try before you buy

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Is there any way I can add a unibrow to my character?

Something like Shave and a Haircut integration would be very, very cool.

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