Getting melee impact direction

Hello I am trying to create a melee hit detection system that can tell whether or not a client was hit on the left, right, front, or back. The system I have setup as shown below works when client A hits client B however if client B changes rotation it seems to break and not give an accurate reading. I believe the problem may be with replication I have include my blueprint with a graph showing how the detection system works it uses the rotation of client A and client B to make a reading, this is for a dedicated server.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time

I am not very experienced with multiplayer play but ill tell you a simple method that I would use to this. To melee I would use a method that logs hit location (for example line trace) and cast that to the character that got hit. From there you can do the rest entirely in the player character by adding a null object inside the character that inherits its yaw and use the find look at rotation node from the object, to the hit location. If your yaw result is -45 - 45, the hit is from the front, 45 - 135 would be on the side and so on. Once again, I am still new to the engine so if I were you, I would look at other solutions, and try them first. I just wanted to give how I would do it for if nothing else works.

Mine uses a capsule trace that starts on a socket placed at the base of a blade and ends at a socket towards the tip of the blade. It works as shown just when player b changes rotation the reading goes wonky making me think I am calculating it the wrong way basically I need to find the impact point between two actors.

Damnit I meant to hit accept answer and miss clicked the look at rotation worked thank you bro can a mode remove my down vote maybe please.