Getting "LogAudioMixer: Display: Audio Buffer Underrun (starvation) detected." error upon opening Unreal editor

The error “LogAudioMixer: Display: Audio Buffer Underrun (starvation) detected.” is coming up every few seconds in the output log upon opening the editor in 4.27.2. Additionally, all sounds are distorted both while playing the game and playing sounds in the content browser. If the sounds were only distorted while playing the game I’d assume it was an issue of too many concurrent voices but the issue persisting in the content browser as well makes me assume it’s something else. Anyone ran into this before or have any ideas for troubleshooting? Thanks!
Keywords: UE4, audio dropouts, choppy audio, no sound, Unreal Engine, Unreal Audio.

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Same in UE5.2.

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Same issue here, also in UE 5.1. I’m also utilizing the Project Acoustics plugin with each channel and source max set to 2048 in an attempt to get any audio to come through.

This generally means that your system is overloaded for one reason or another.
If you open the process explorer, what is the CPU doing? Is it maxed out?

If the CPU is not maxed out, but you’re still getting under-runs, then it may be that you have a driver/hardware problem with your specific sound card/driver.