Getting length of animation from state machine

I’m trying to get the length from a specific animation state inside my state machine to control the visibility of an object, so when a specific animation state starts, it enables visibility for an object for the period that it’s active, is there any way to do this?

You can get the length on any animation in any blueprint by simply using the Get Play Length node (Target is Anim Sequence Base).

However, i think this might be a bit more handy for you. In your Anim Graph, each state can have a custom Blueprint event notification. (See Picture 1) I believe those can only be accessed initially by the anim blueprint. Once you’ve entered a name for the custom event, it will appear in your anim blueprint event graph. (See picture 2). Then you can use those to call whatever functionality on your character, such as hiding or unhiding the object. (See picture 3)

Hope this helps




This worked perfectly, thank you so much!