Getting into VFX! I would love some help to get Started in Unreal Engine 4

Hello everyone!

First, I would like to thank everyone who’s reading this as English isn’t my first language, so pleas bare with me! :slight_smile:

I have been offered a job and ill final be able to move out of my country to live in the states; But for this I need to first pass a Test!

This test consists in generating Toon Shaded VFX’s, similar to what you see in Japanese animation/videogames. This is for any kind of animation ( jumping, swinging, powering up, ect…). I really wish to impress my interviewer, (for pre-requisits, I’m a motion graphic animator, with experience in modeling & animating in Maya 3D. I understand code, but i don’t program and i have absolutely no experience in Unreal Engine) so my idea is to re-create something similar to Goku’s powerup sequence in this video (its timestamped, and its actually made in Unreal Engine 4) ALL Intros & Victory Screens in Dragon Ball FighterZ - YouTube .

This task would be quite straight forward if it was simply a 2D animation, hence i would draw it frame by frame. But this is 3D and my inferior understanding of how i could animating Goku powering up is limited ( i would simply do it in Maya ). The problem is that my Interview wants this to be done in Unreal Engine.

So, going onto the main subject now that I have explained myself. What tutorials should i look into/Do you recommend me? What should i look out for/do? any insight would be amazing!

Currently im trying to familiarize myself with Unreal’s Interface before beginning to work on my project, do you guys also have a good tutorial to understand the core principal of what tools i need?

Once again, thank you for reading. Any advice or pointers is more than welcome. I’m quite lost as there’s so much i can do in this program, but mostly i just wanna show my Interviewr how quick and fast i could be at adapting and doing new things.