Getting into this unchartered territory - Please help with some basic questions

Hello all!

This is my first post. I am not only new here, but I am also new to the gaming design. I just wanted to ask you and need your valuable inputs and suggestions if you feel this is possible. Bit background of myself - I work in IT industry with basic programming knowledge, but programming is not my fort. I do believe having worked in the industry for a bit, i can make sense of the code. At least the basics.

What i am looking to achieve

So I want to design a basic game which doesn’t necessarily have to be really long, it should be playable in the next 15 days. i am looking to design a 3d game. I want it to have decent graphics if not the best. I am basically creating this game to demonstrate somethings to few people.

In this game i have to show the following things:-

  1. 2 - 3 people. (Also as these people walk there are pedestrians on the streets around them who are going about their business)
  2. These 2-3 people are talking among themselves. Can the surroundings be shown as brooklyn bridge or something?
  3. One of the persons is sitting in a cab and is going airport. As he reach airport, he is looking something in the parking lot.(here i also want to show some airplane which can be seen in the air)

Of course these three bullets doesn’t complete the game. It’s just part of the game. But since I have never touched the Unreal Engine, I wanted to ask you how long will the above take or could take for a newbie like me to design. Based on the things shared above, I can make an estimate on how long my overall game would take if you can give me your valuable feedback and response. You guys might have designed something similar in the past so would know how long it took you to design these basic things as part of your game.

If the above can be made in 2 days, then I can think of sort of committing to completing this project in 15 days.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.
Thank You

What do you mean with “I* want it to have decent graphics if not the best.*”? Minecraft decent or Cyberpunk 2077 decent or some other decent level.

It’s possible to make it in 2 days as long as:

  1. you’re already familiar with the engine (by familiar I mean, you don’t need to search and ask people how to do things);
  2. you already have the assets ready to be used.

If any of these 2 conditions are not met, then 2 days is more likely not be enough.

Hello EvilCleric, may be minecraft kind. Nothing fancy.

In Blender, good enough low poly characters, with say around 250 polygons can be made in 5-15 minutes, including rigging. Sloppy animations, a little longer.
Then the only problem is your complete lack of experience with the engine. If you have a 15 days deadline, then it’s going to be a little difficult, but not impossible, since you cannot really rely on the forums for an expedite answer to any issue you may encounter.

Good luck.