Getting into the GUTS

Hey there guys.

First of all, please don-t be too severe with me bacause i-m a newbie here. And probably my big question has been answered already but can-t really find it.

I want to make a different until the current moment real time render engine. From what i’ve been told is way easier to start withe UE4 open sorurce and OSL coding that with the already implemented Nvidia approaches. The thing is that i find UE4 very limited and poorly implemented what RTX (specially 3x series and DSLL 2.0) can do at the moment. Omniverse could be an option but still, poorly optimized and quite “brute-forced” IMHO. Crossed fingers nevertheless

Can, please, some tell me what should be the best way to start (not from scratch!) a decent and simple for starters render engine RTX based? How REALLY opened is UE? How REALLY opened is Nvdia developer platform like Falcor and such?

For instance, i want to be able to control FinalGather for 1st light bounce; that, connected directy witha an inter wide opened FOV with SSRTXGI, and finally, for infinite light conservation (fakes and tricks every, of course), a light local probes with a proper and tweable RTAO. Actuallly 2; one for for subtle occlusion and another way smaller for small contact shadow in a multiply and/or overlay operations…

I do really hope my doubts won’t be quite much complicated but i need some advices and/or opinions here guys.

Thanks a LOT in advance.

Alex Roman

The UE4 souce code is available for you to mess with, so effectively it is completely open. How easy it would be to do what you want is unclear, it sounds like you’re getting into more technical stuff than what I’m experienced in. But ultimately, if you want to expand on the rendering capability of UE4 you can.

Understood. Thanks :wink: