Getting inputs from 2 different gamepads

So i have managed to set up a splitscreen game and i have 2 gamepads (ps4) controlling to two players, i managed to get the controllers to control each individual player which is good, but i have one issue the ‘shoot’ button in my game which is R2 on the ps4 remote is controlling both players for some reason if i click R2 on player 1 remote it willl shoot the gun for both players and i have been searching the internet for a solution but nothing of interest has come up yet, please help i have been scratching my head at this for over 2 weeks now.
i will attach screenshots of the code i am using to shoot the gun. (It is quite long)

Check the player index on “Shot” event. Make sure its not getting 0 (default) for both.

Wow, that worked. I feel so stupid it was so obvious.
Thank You! :))