Getting infinite loop when attaching trigger box to a cube which acts as a lift?

Hey guys. I’m making this lift using a cube and a level sequence, and whenever I use the lift, the lift sort of stutters back and forth while going up and upon inspection, I realized that both OnActorBeginOverlap and OnActorEndOverlap fire together which causes the level sequence to both play forward and backward (play rate 1 and -1, respectively).

This was due to the trigger box not moving with the lift. So I decided to attach this trigger box to this lift. When I attach the trigger box to this lift and then press play, I can walk up to the lift but as soon as i touch the lift, game mode ends and i get an error saying an infinite loop was detected and it was caused due to the event “OnActorBeginOverlap”.

Conversely, if I attach the lift to the trigger box, upon stepping on the lift, the lift just disappears.

Pics included. Any and all helpful answers appreciated.

Please let me know if I should be giving more information on this.