Getting hold of an event during editor runtime (not at PIE)

Hey all.

I’m doing a cover generator, which is generating fine. I hook up the navsys delegate for when it gets rebuilt. Only the delegate doesn’t get called because of a check in AActor::ProcessEvent which checks if the actors have been initialized (I’m assuming in-editor actors are considered NOT initialized?).

There appears to be some kind of test for a meta keyword in there too.

So how do I mark a UFUNCTION as callable safely in the editor? I really could do with responding to this event during edit-time rather than runtime or PIE-time.

Of failing that, what is considered the correct setup for a service which runs during the editor update of a navmesh (basically the recast navmesh gets built, I want to hook that process so that I can rebuild cover once the navmesh is generated).

Any help appreciated.