Getting errors on tick, ZERO information! Doesn't even say which blueprint it is!

Start the game -> Get spammed by the error:

LogScript:Warning: Divide by zero: Divide_FloatFloat

That’s it.

No info at all. “In a galaxy far, far away… something is dividing by zero”.

I’m too far in to waste days shifting everything to code, I feel a bit cheated by being given any impression that this is usable beyond prototyping.

Despite having too much to sift through, I did it anyway, to no avail. I went through and disconnected anything and everything.

Nothing solved it. Done guessing. I want a direct and specific method for finding exactly where this is occurring without searching for it manually.

Divide and Conquer.

Start disabling, removing or setting back to default things 1 at a time until you get to a stable state.

Once your at a stable state, either look at the last thing you changed or start adding them back slowly until you find the erroneous BP.

I said in my OP that I’ve done that and it’s also not the solution I need here.

I’ve had this issue as well and I agree it would be helpful if more information was provided as wild goose chases are a huge waste of time - thankfully the in game searching is becoming better

that said - are you running source/c++ version? maybe try putting a breakpoint on the actual code where this test happens - Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/KismetMathLibrary.cpp

in “Engine/Source/Runtime/Engine/Private/KismetMathLibrary.cpp” set a breakpoint on “float UKismetMathLibrary::Divide_FloatFloat(float A, float B)” in my project i had to compile and run as “debug game” for the breakpoint to get hit, then going through the trace to find out which blueprint it was. in the blueprint editor/ find results window search “float/ float” to find all the possible nodes. uncheck the “find in current blueprint only” if you want to show the nodes of all the blueprints. in my project the culprit was a variable that was still set to its default 0 value as i had isolated the code that was setting it whilst i was debugging something else.