Getting entire Hit Result struct from EQS query

I’m running an EQS query from blueprints, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to get an array of the Hit Results back from an EQS query instead of just the locations of the hits. I mostly just need the normal in addition to the location, and I can do a second trace to the location returned from EQS to get it, but that seems inefficient.

It appears that may be something I could do with a custom wrapper class? If so, can those be created in blueprints, or C++ only?


with hit do you mean results? because EQS doesnt give the locations of the “hits”…

oh thats new to me, thanks

Well the thing is not every EQS Query uses Physics to return you a Location you could for example just create a grid or Circle that are not raytraced. They simply come back as Locations you want to use. Thats the only thing they are required to return. Its definitly Possible in C++ but you have to modify the base or create a Copy and add the Functionality inbetween the generation.

Actually it does but only if you set it to Nav Data or Geometry but it does not store the Hit Result Structs. If you set it to none it skips all traces and just returns the Locations.

Your best bet would be to implement your own EQS generator in BP by deriving from EnvQueryGenerator_BlueprintBase. This way you’ll be able to do the traces yourself and take advantage of all the physics results.