Getting ejected off the map

I have this weird bug happening on the map Im making. When I play in editor at some points of the map as soon as I get in game my screen immediately gets ejected off the map, however my character just falls through the landscape (I can see the coordinates). When I mean ejected thats exactly how it looks, the simulation starts and my screen just zooms out completely to the side. I can see the entire landscape at the side of my screen for a second before it completely disappears. Meanwhile my actual character is on screen however its actual coordinates are where the simulation starts (player start or from camera view). Hence the falling animation I see of my character in the simulation, soon enough the screen turns blue because of the post processing volume that my character hits.

This only happens in different parts of the map, seems to be completely random. Heightmap was imported from world machine.


If I reimport the landscape it doesnt seem to happen anymore, so my guess would be that its after I use the smoothing tool and texturing.

I figured out what causes it. If I import the landscape to an empty level everythings fine, however if I save the empty level, enable world composition and add a sublevel and import the landscape into whichever level (persistent or the new sublevel) the bug happens again. Once I disable world composition again everythings fine. So the bug happens purely because of world composition being enabled.


Specifically enabling “Enable world origin rebasing” causes this problem.


Just checked theisland map and its also disabled there so if youre experiencing this problem the solution is to untick “Enable world origin rebasing” in your world settings.