Getting duration of Sound Cue at runtime?

I’ve noticed that the Sound Cue has an info section with a Duration value. I’ve been trying to see if there was any way that I could get access to this at runtime, but so far I’m coming up empty handed. I’m pretty sure there isn’t, but if I’m wrong, I would be happy to learn how.

I’m playing a randomized sound cue before the Quit Game is called, and I can put in a delay that is longer than the overall anticipated sound cue, but if I could get access to the actual Duration, that would be awesome! It would remove too much awkward silence waiting for a longer than needed delay on the shorter version of the sound.

Naturally I could always randomize everything myself in a function, but if I don’t need to, then why take the time?

It’s nothing critical, but just one of those tiny things that just adds a nice touch to a game.