Getting duration of audio component 4.7

Since moving to 4.7, I dont seem to be able to get the duration of any audio component.

I wasn’t aware that you could previously get the duration directly from an audio component. As far as I know you would need to get the sound used by the component and get the duration from that eg.


Which version were you moving from to 4.7? I can’t see any evidence that you can get duration directly from an audio component in 4.6 for example.


How did you create those target nodes from the audio component? Is this inside a function graph or an event graph? I have a setup inside a function graph where I’m trying to get the duration of a playing sound and I’m stuck. Trying to figure out how.

Im stuck here too. Any ideas on how to get the duration from a audio component?

I figured it out. Pics to illustrate.



Did try this, but I get the duration of the first sound spawned in and not the duration of the component that get duration is attached to…

Also what is that Get node after the Set? I can’t find it