Getting Custom Weapons to Work

Well, this is pretty much my last chance with UE4. I’ve been browsing all the possible sites that I have found via searching both here and on Google about information on how the weapon system works with UE4 in the First Person Blueprint template. I’ve spent the past few days creating basic custom animations that replace the default gun that shoots the yellow projectiles to see how it works and have done it successfully a few times, so I decided to try giving a shot at trying to get in new weaponry (and a new rig since I created my own animation rig that uses just a slightly different setup for the joint hierarchy, but the majority of it is still the same). Each time I tried to import the new hands that I have (which is actually at the moment just the regular hands and default gun but with the pistol from the Military Weapons Silver pack as to try a new weapon) I keep getting errors saying things such as a duplicate bone name found, multiple roots, and previously an invalid bind pose (which I fixed by setting the ref pose to frame 0 option in the FBX import menu). What I just want to truly know is what would honestly be the best way to setup multiple weapons? Should I create a set of hands with all of the weapons I want to use (not talking hundreds/thousands of weapons at the moment, just two at the moment and later on 10-20) with their skeletons attached to the b_RightWeapon joint or is there a better way as in swapping out the joint under b_RightWeapon that I can do? I’ve noticed with the Military Weapons Silver pack that the guns had their own animations but the animations only had the gun and whatever part that was animated on its own in it instead of being attached to a rig, and the same thing was with the animations for Borderlands 2.

I personally would just create the hands + animations and then attach the weapons to those hands -> with that way you can also have different anims for your weapons, because you can switch the anim state in your anim graph with a bool which gets activated when the player picks up a weapon :slight_smile: