Getting confused with the profiler.

Hi everyone, I need a bit of help to understand my GPU.

We are working on a student project and I am starting some profiling because we have some framerate issue. My problem is that I have different numbers between the GPU time in Stat Unit and the Scene Time in the GPU Visualizer.

By default they are both around the same values (around 24ms) but when I’m using r.ScreenPercentage 10, the Scene time in the GPU visualizer drops to around 10 ms while the GPU time in stat unit stay the same (around 24ms). I’m not pixel bound but I don’t know how I can find what is slowing the GPU.

My guess is the number of draw call that is slowing the GPU we are around 4500 in the scene (we didn’t had time to optimize this yet) but I don’t know how I can check that. When I’m looking at a wall (so few objects on screen and few draw calls), the GPU Visualizer and Stat Unit give me the same value (around 6-8ms).

So am I right about the draw calls and is there a way to profile it ?

I put some screens so you can have a look. (I profile in a new window not in the editor).
Thanks for the help.