Getting Cloth from Maya into Unreal 4 using Apex. Need Assistance!

Hello there! For project I’m working on I am trying to get a character into unreal. The character has a cape that I need to get behaving realistically. I used the PhysX plugin for Maya to create a realistic cape settings, however when it cape to exporting my cloth my scene fails to validate with the message “Non-Orthonormal Bind Pose Matrices”. I have searched and searched and have barely found so much as a definition of Non-Orthonormal Bind Pose Matrices. I don’t mind rerigging my character or anything like that, I just want to be able to export her with a skeleton and cloth. Would anyone who has successfully got a character to behave with cloth in Unreal be able to help me? Thank you very much!

The .apx file should be written regardless of the error. It works for me even though I get that error too.

I ran into this error too, if you do a ‘select -hi;’ on your hierarchy and set all joint scales to 1, regardless if it says 1 the error goes away.