Getting Camera Component properties with Blueprints

I’m trying to change a level sequence’s camera settings with blueprints. The tool I’m working on sends shots to render with Movie Render Queue, I want to give the artist the option to change camera settings in the tool, in this example filmback values.

I have written the logic to change the camera settings:

However, this only works for Possessable Cameras and we are using Spawnable Cameras. With Spawnable Cameras, when the shot is sent to render the settings revert to default. Is there a way around this?

I have come up with two approaches to get around this so far, but have been unable to make them work:

  1. Change cameras to possessable for duration of render. Can I do this in blueprints?

  2. Add a filmback track and add a key for the render.

    With this approach I can’t seem to access the camera component in the level sequence via blueprints. When I get tracks for the camera it returns only the Transform and Spawned track, not the camera component. How would I access the camera component tracks in the level sequence through Blueprints?

Update: Made progress and can now access the camera component tracks. This was achieved by adding in a “Get Child Possessables” node.