Getting bad size error on playerstart


I’m just trying to sort out a workflow for 3dsmax-> unreal engine with fbx import for an interior scene.

I have managed to get everything imported and textured, but when I add in a playerstart it always gives me a bad size error.

I have tried moving it around the interior, but nowhere changes the bad size state. If i move it outside the mesh it works normally.

The new mesh is imported into a working tutorial scene, and scaled to cm on export from 3dsmax so I don’t think its a scaling issue.

Some of the meshes have a mass in kg for some reason, they are all static so I would have thought they wouldn’t have any mass?

Any ideas? It’s basically just a straight fbx import, nothing fancy



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This sounds not like any issue with your mesh, but instead a problem with your mesh having a collision box. You cannot place a player start inside a collision box otherwise it will give this error.

You will want to do a couple of things to resolve this. You will want to break the mesh apart into modular pieces with their own collision, setup custom collision in your 3Ds Max, use UE4’s collision generation and place the collision boxes accordingly, or use blocking volumes.

Thank you!


Hi Tim,

That was exactly it. I had walls imported on all sides, so when I was trying to create a playerstart in the middle, I was just in a massive collision box!

I think blocking volumes will be the way to go without tampering with the mesh too much.