Getting Bad Size error on playerstart with no collider

I am suddenly getting a player bad size error on player start with no collision set on any objects except the floor.
When I hit play the player spawns at the 0,0,0. I can also drag the player start way outside the level and still get the bad size error.

Any ideas??

Is the floor a mesh you made? Have you looked at the collision bounds for the floor in the static mesh editor? Since that is the only object with collision maybe its collision is way oversized…open the static mesh editor and take a look:


Maybe it is something like this:
Good collision setup:


Way wrong collision setup:


here’s the floor, collision is good to go. This just mysteriously started happening. I used to be able to walk the level with no issues.

Also when I hit play and the player is kicked out to the origin point I don’t fall. I’m just suspended in space at the origin, cant look around either.

Also, I’ve been saving levels as I iterate the design on this project, I just went back to an old level from a month ago and this problem is happening in the old levels. Makes me think that this is not a collier issue or being caused by any new geometry introduced in the scene… Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have to make a .exe walk through of this today :confused:

Yeah collision is not the problem, I’m sure you have tried replacing the player start…have you tried adding the floor to a new level and placing a player start above it to see if it still occurs? Maybe it isn’t the floor at all and we should be looking at other things in your scene. Isolating the two will help narrow down the problem.

You aren’t able to move around because the player pawn isn’t spawning into the level at all due to the bad size error

yeah I’ve deleted player start and tried re-adding it.
I just copied and pasted the floor in the new level and it worked fine!? Any ideas of what could be in the scene making this happen?

Ok…in the level viewport click the Show button and select Collision this should show you what else has collision in your scene…now look around and from different distances because like I showed you collision can be fairly crazy if not done right and see if the player start is colliding with anything else in you scene…if you can’t find anything else you can start copying and pasting everything from this level into a new one until you find the one causing the issue. If you select an object in the world outliner and copy it when you paste it into the new level it should paste in the same location and rotation…I know that sounds like a big pain and I am sure it will be but unfortunately there isn’t any debug information that is generated from the bad size error that I know of such as what the overlapped/colliding object is…would be nice to have though as an option.

that worked… a crappy model of some headphones downloaded from 3D warehouse had an enormous collision box around it for some reason. I removed those meshes from the scene and problem is solved…
Thank you so much for your help.

Ok to fix the collision on those headphones you can set the collision to use complex as simple in the static mesh editor like this:


Then you can still use them in the scene.

thanks again for all your help!

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Black Phoenyx thank you very much

You’re welcome, glad I could help.

I signed up specifically to say thank you. This solved my issue after googling around for a long time : )

Hi! @Black_Phoenyx & @2nDesign I’m so glad you guys made this thread because the same thing happened to me and for the life of me I could not understand what was happening. I was experiencing everything @2nDesign you had experienced. Collision is such a fickle thing. Thanks for the help!

I’ve had collision problems on more than one occasion when upgrading engine versions. The first time, I couldn’t figure out why my character wouldn’t move after upgrading to UE5.0. After repeating the upgrade several times, (as the old version always worked fine), I discovered that the engine was butchering the collision for just one asset. Editing the collision on the one asset (after upgrade) fixed it. Another time the upgrade seemed to add collision to something that shouldn’t (a volume).