Getting back to default state in Unreal Editor

You press Play in editor and then after sometime you press stop (or ESC). Now the view in editor is in the state when you stopped. How do you go back to the view that you started with? I’m using Flying example and don’t see any way to get back to default start view.

So far it looks like I have to place Player Start component in the level. Then by double clicking on it I get back there anytime. There should be a better way…

in the SCENE OUTLINER tab to the right select the “PLAYER START” and then press F when in the main editor window…
this should snap you back to the object of origin before you moved in


Agree. There has to be a simple toggleable checkbox for this.
Editor bookmarks are more helpful but there’s only 10 of them.

Sure, but hardly an ideal solution for many reasons:

  1. During development current-camera-location is often the actual spawn point.
  2. ‘F’ is inconsistent and often snaps you to a different angle or behind a mesh!
  3. Large levels contain many Player Starts, each test may be at a different point…