Getting assets pulled into chunk0


Im having an issue with chuncks.

Ive setup Data Assets to handle chunks, to get assets into chunks to make update smaller, all chunks are set in the root directory of an asset.

For example above is the Countess assets, the assets are located in /game/ParagonCountess and the data asset is located there.

but in my Chunck 0 there is over 7GB of compressed data, including assets that are under an asset label.

Via UnrealPak.exe I extracted all the data from the Chunk0 so i can see whats in it.

Everything (apart from slate) has a data Asset, so it should not be in Chunk0, but it is, does anyone know whats going on?

Ive tried it with An hard and a soft reference in in packaging settings

But it does not seem to work, Chunk0 gets updated everytime since it has the project verion id in it, so atm every update is atleast 7GB even when only 1 chunk is updated, since chunk0 gets a different project version.

Could really use some help or more insight on whats going on.

Bump, I really could use help.