Getting and using other actor / pawn locations in

Dear all, I hope someone could help (direction to tutorial / code example) as I’m getting nowhere

I have 2 actors in a scene (mannequins). They are on a green plane (image 2 sports players on a green pitch).
One of the mannequins is user controlled and can run around. The other is AI controlled.

I want the AI mannequin to follow the user controlled actor…BUT…to always keep a certain distance away.

Current situation:
I have the 2 mannequins spawned - ok
The user controlled mannequin runs around the plane - ok
The AI mannequin runs towards the user controlled mannequin - ok

For the AI I’m using a Behavior tree (Image 1). The idea is that the AI mannequin 'Move To Player (user mannequin) but goes through a Condition check first to see if already close enough (Image 2)

I can’t get the AI mannequin to hold back and keep a certain distance, it just runs right up to the user controlled mannequin.
The AI mannequin just runs straight up to the user controller mannequin, and I get this error message in log upon exciting (Image 3).

I believe that I’m simply not able to access the user mannequin’s location in the AI behavior tree condition check, thus the condition check comes back null.

Am I right in this?
If so, how do I achieve this…apologies I’ve looked for weeks and can’t seem to find a way of doing this/

Or am I barking up the wrong tree.

Any help would be greatly received. Thanks