Getting an 'object has overlapping UVs' error > scene w/ only static brushs (bsp)


I’m getting following error ‘object has overlapping UVs’

I’ve been searching around and it seem to be a common error but their solutions don’t seem to work.

In the image you can see I’m using a scene with only static brushes (bsp). What do you suggest as a solution?


I’m not sure that you’re using BSP brushes because the “Object has overlapping UVs” is for static meshes that don’t have a second UV setup for lightmapping.

You’ll need to open the static mesh and generate a second UV in UE4 for the lightmap or export to your modeling software and make a custom second UV channel with no overlapping faces for your lightmap.

Thank you!

Actually this shouldn’t happen with brushes :stuck_out_tongue: (in udk it was like that ^^) How have you scaled the big bps with the distorted texture? Have you already tried to copy everything into a new level, because probably something weird is in your scene :slight_smile:

I do have to mention that I converted t3d that was UDK compatible to t3d UE4 compartible through the t3d convert I found here on the forum.
However there should be only brushes in the scene. I’ve send a PM if you want to have a look

Import it into a template level (so the one with the platform, sky, light setup) and then it should work -> in my case I dont get any errors when I build the light :slight_smile:

You can fix the stuff with the streched texture when you choose another alignment

A gap still remains.
The alignment is done thank you for that and also no more errors about overlapping UVs.

In the image you see I have selected a polygon thats shows an opening in the middle while it shouldn’t have one.
In geometry mode you can see that its a complete block. Any ideas why that happens?

Can someone elaborate on this OVERLAPPING UV’s thing please ?

I am getting this same error all the time… and I don’t see why… I am modelling just as always… do all my assets need to be within the UV map in maya etc… no wrapping around etc…

is that where the light building fails ?

To avoid that you have to create a 2nd uv channel + lightmap :slight_smile:

that seems like a lot of extra work !

added to the need to also create UCX_* proxies of anything I want decent physics with…

would it simply be best to avoid overlapping UVs in every case… and simply use the one uv channel for both texture and light ?

For basic stuff you can also use the texture uv (as long as it is not overlapping) -> otherwise you will have to create a lightmap :slight_smile:

What about with brush actors ?

Maybe I can delete and remake the broken pieces manually.
However in order to do so I would need something like x y z coords toolbar. Where can I find this in UE4?
That way I can put the brushes with the right size in the right place with their extact coords.

Looks really strange -> probably a bug in the converter, because it seems that the face is missing (already tried to apply a two sided material, but nothing showed up) :slight_smile:

yellow -> 4 window view. I would recommend you to edit your brushes with this view mode
red -> here you can see the x, y, z values

Thanks for the support, .
Just a little observation you said red but you used a green color.

:smiley: Oh yep, I meant the green one (normally I use the red colour in those pictures :p)

When you still have questions just post them into this or a new thread :slight_smile: