Getting an explosion effect to cause damage

I went through the FPS example game trying to figure out how to make an explosion effect cause damage but I couldn’t find it in the blueprints for it.

I tried creating a blueprint with the explosion, and tried ParticleCollide and ComponentHit and probably others and none of them were working.

Look into Apply Radial Damage node.

I ended up with this.

Which doesn’t seem to be correct.

Damage or bounds may be too small. Check out these threads for more detail on how to setup a damage system:

Awesome , I got what I needed out of that I believe, at least for the player character (Figuring out how to get damage to apply to every actor hit is probably way harder. Will figure out eventually I guess.

I ended up with these, the explosion is functioning how I want it, health system is probably unnecessary but it works to apply ragdoll after taking damage from the explosion. Next I’ll just figure out how to inherit the explosion force to ragdoll further instead of just dropping. Here’s what I have though.

Moving the camera to a third person position before exploding. It, at least, causes damage to the player for now, can’t test other things until I figure it out more. Still learning!

The health system I’m using and such. Need to get around to making the player lose control after “death” so I don’t keep walking around until the actor is deleted.

All in all though, 's second link was very helpful, I looked around for like an hour and didn’t find that (Wrong searches I suppose. I’d already ripped off the basic health system though)

To kill player, add the player character to “target” of “Destroy Actor” did not work?