Getting an error

I cant seem to make the devkit assign layer info for some reason it was working one second and stopped and no matter what i do now it doesnt seem to want to let me paint textures. I get the message That I need to assign layer info.

Can you post a screenshot of you doing that for me please? Or of any error you get? I’ve had no luck reproducing this problem

Sorry I fixed that issue but the devkit is now making it so i cant paint mre than one texture it starts adding the checkered empty texture model, so basically im painting checkerboard over the map but it will let me paint singular textures say If I wanted to paint the whole map with grass. Sorry I can post pictures of this later if needed the first error i got just required me to restart the devkit a few times.

That is because it hasn’t compiled the shaders for it yet. Be patient and let it load in (should say “Shaders Compiling XXX amount” somewhere on the screen), it will show up eventually.

if u start painting in a new grid in the editor it will take a bit to compile the texture in the new grid, the devkit may seem like its crashing all the time when painting but ur brush may be to big and there is alot to compile everytime u move the mouse

Thanks for the helps guys I assumed that was the issue seeing as where ive been the passed week has like 89 kbs internet
Just realized im sitting on v193.0 time to update XD

i would suggest reading ARK Dev Kit v200.5 (Fixed Sotf!!): 'Survival of the Fittest' download, Total Conversions, Mods, Maps - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums and waiting on that :slight_smile:

Its pretty basic but i think im learning for a complete nooblet
This is from last night before i really got down to painting the textures in was trying to get the hang of erosion sculpt and all that "noise: haahah

Awesome job on those cliffs, I love the amount of natural looking noise going on. Hey, we all have to start somewhere, right? 2 years ago I knew nothing about Game Design other than the total basics, and now I’m actively learning it daily and working on my own game already :wink:

Don’t beat yourself up just because you don’t have a vast knowledge of things yet with the ADK/UE4. That is silly! Just enjoy, have fun, and learn a ton while doing so. Mistakes are the best, as they help us silly humans with learning things faster than we would otherwise without those mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you alot for the encouraging words and no worries I dont beat myself up too hard only when I feel like i should be able to understand something and feel too stupid to ask a simple question but I really wanted to learn the dev kit because i have immense fun ive spent like 5 hours so far on one section of that mountains and a canyon as well as working on learning to put in water so i prepainted a rough outline of a lake using sand.

Ill post a picture soon eating din din and might make a section in the ark projects section to update my progress as I develope a map based around canyons lakes and mountains with small seas instead of oceans etc

I bet it’s gonna look gorgeous when you are finished :smiley:

As for water, you can just simply open up for example: TheSmallIsland and copy the “Water Plane” from the “Scene Outliner” and then open your map, and paste it into the map. This will allow you to put a water plane right underneath your terrain so when you push the terrain down, there will be the water plane! It makes for convenient water bodies :slight_smile:

You will still need to set up the Physics Volume(s) & Post Process Volume(s) where you have water for it to have the physics of water as well. Otherwise your players will just fall to the bottom of the river and die lol

I suggest checking out Uzumi’s guide on getting almost everything you need into your level from TheSmallIsland so you don’t have to worry about that later down the line :stuck_out_tongue:

I will definitely have to check out that guide ive been watching a few youtube videos its how i learned the basic toolset and how to paint terrains I figured out noise and how shift anything usually inverts its functionality Ive just been elated with nerdiness XD im going to modify this post with one more picture before i move over to ark projects.
Views from opposite ends of the map

Im also very interested to see how solidscan tech comes out because ive been following euclideon for the last 4 years and its looking extremely promising.

i suggest learning to flatten then smooth its how alot of ppl do the basics of the map then just go through and fine tune it remember u have to check how high the hills are ect compared to u so u no how hight to make things slopes waterways ect looks like ur coming along nicely :slight_smile:

Thanks and yeah I got into flattening and weathering alot today to make sure stuff wasnt too immense so that you couldnt have a chance of climbing them or that they hit the height map limit, and if they do I tend to prune them like roses Im working on an odd plateaued hill / mountain what you see about is actually a canyon or easily turned into lakes with in which i could add an underwater cave since all of arks current underwater caves are in the open ocean.

Quick question though is there an easy way to grade the slope of a hill other than the sculpture tool itself ive tried ramp but i cant precisely figure out how to work that I will look it up but i just figured id ask some people who know what they are doing directly.

i just flatten the area out in small sections like a ramp then smooth it out from there making sure that i have everything i want to not move at all frozen with the selection tool. the falloff and different sized brushes work wonders 2

Ok I figured that was what i was going to do but its nice to hear that im not the only one who thought of this.
=D thanks for the advice.

Kohii, you should make a thread in the Ark: Projects sub forum on here and keep people posted on your progress :stuck_out_tongue:

cant u move posts?

eg sections bluprints/landscapes/ect maybe in a sub like moddinghelp or ark support?