Getting an array from the Game Instance


I want to get access to the elements of an array (containing actors) that is stored in a custom game instance.
I want to print or call them inside a level blueprint. Casting to the game instance inside the level blueprint seems to work fine.
But it shows nothing. I can print any variable from the game instance in the level blueprint. Only the arrays won’t show up.

What am I doing wrong ?


Btw: I can’t also pass variables using a dispatcher. It says that no values will be returned. After googling I found from old posts that this is a bug but it still seems to be unsolved.

Definitely not a bug, this works fine. Show us how you fill and access the arrays. Event dispatchers work rather well, too.

Ok, so when I destroy an item I send an interface message to the game instance where I populate the destroyed item-array. when I load a game from slot it shows which items I have destroyed before. so it still seems to have the references.
but I don’t get any output when calling the elements from the level BP wherease the game instance can print them. My goal is to subtract the destroyed items from all items because I don’t want them to be loaded again. Not even sure if this is the correct way to do it… (I’m a newby, so…)

Concerning the dispatcher: