Getting an app crash while testing my game on my cellphone

My game always crash when i try to play on my samsung s4.

im using 4.10.2 (i start my project with this version)

At first, I tested it at the beginning of my production and i has no problem in the cook and the build. ( i was also able to package the game and test it ).
I only use a fixed camera and a widget HUD.

I continue editing my blueprint and adding some textures. ( and carefully rename ALL new items )

and now, it always crashing on my cellphone.
Even if i play it without crash in my editor on “mobile preview”.

this is the only warning i got in the LOG

and the on the cellphone :
" The app stop responding"

I tried to repackage my old functioning backup ( the first one ), and same error.

i dont know if i must delete some file, somewhere… :frowning:

i remove my custom splash screen and no more crash on my cellphone…

am i the only one that happen ?

Nope! Look here, this is something I found as well, it seems: Android MediaPlayer Plugin Breaking Project - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums

found this commentary for videos :
“The movies need to be in mp4 format and placed in your project’s Content/Movies folder.”

for my splashscreen, i need to place my image (.png) at the right place in the project folder on my computer to get my build right ?