Getting an Actor to fall with gravity but maintain rotation an slight elevation off surface

I’ve made a health kit blueprint. I want my object to spin in place and hover right above the ground but I want the actor to spawn in from a height and drop into the level. Enabling gravity does not seem to make the object fall. Enabling physics just makes the object fall and bounce around with collision. How can I make this object fall with no bounce and continue its rotation? Thanks for the help!

hi @dtveraas

using the object with physics , you can detect he hit event with the floor and istantly turn off the physics.
but i think that could rotate while falling… and you dont want it.

So i would skip the physics and just make a simple blueprint
that the object move toward ground with incresing speed.
if collide with ground stop falling , but dont stop turnin -

Sounds like you need to animate it to do what you want.

Enabling Gravity was not an option because Gravity was already enabled.

So here was the solution: In Blueprint there is a component called Projectile Movement. It defaults to Projectile Gravity Scale 0.0. Setting that to 1.0 allows gravity to work.