Getting actor's transform in animation blueprints

I’m trying to find out how to rotate a bone by using find look at rotation. But I don’t know how to access the actors transforms from the anim blueprint screen.

Should I cast to the actor that will be using the anim blueprint and get it from there? And if so, what should I cast from?

Or should I get the bones location and rotation?


why you don’t get the character from TryGetPawnOwner??? cast it to your character and get the skeletal mesh data from there…

Because the anim blueprint is going to an actor, not a pawn, so It won’t let me cast to it. I had already tried. It’s just a simple turret that rotates its cannon which is skinned to a bone.

Hey, there must be some kind of “GetOwner” or “GetOwningActor” node which will give you a reference to the owning actor.

if that the case, you also can reparent your animblueprint, let’s take a look at this ::

, after that you can directly set the variable that you wanted to use in the animation jejeje

Yea that worked. But it rotates exactly 180 degrees away from the player. I assume this is because of some bone orientation when I skinned it. Do you know how I would be able to inverse it or something?