Getting actor by it's location

Ok so hello i was working on a MC like game and i was told that voxels are very HARD so i decided to go the easier but less performance effectice way (at least i think that it is less effective).
So i was told that i could build a block from faces and then turn individual faces off but i don’t know how to get relavant object if the only whing i know about it is its position. For example when i place a block i cause a block update which means all blocks around the block i place should check their surroundings and hide unnesecary faces. Sorry for bad English

Note: i was thinking about placing all blocks into a array and then searching for it in the array. I would use structures with block as a object reference and its location in world then i could implement it but that would be very cpu heavy. Wouldn’t it?



Spawn an overlap volume around the location of interest, get all overlapping actors and stuff them in an array. Loop through said array and do the face hide checking inside.