Getting access to PS4 dev resources/forums

I’m trying to get access to the PS4 dev forums but I don’t know if I miss a step somewhere and I can’t find more information online regarding what other steps I’m supposed to take.
The company I’m working for is registered with Sony and I have a personal PS4 dev account that is linked to my Epic account. I tried using the confirmation link for Unreal found on the PS4 dev website under the tools which stated it would send an automated email to Epic to confirm my access but it’s been days now with no answer. I’m not even sure if it actually sent an email as I didn’t receive any email myself or any confirmation past the green text saying it was sent on the PS4 dev site.

Is there any other steps I’m supposed to take to get access to the PS4 dev forums here as well as the git for the PS4 Unreal dev kit?

Thank you.

Gotta show staff your multipass


Hello Mcaron.

The confirmation from the Sony site is a part of the process, but there is an additional step. You need to complete this form: Unreal Engine - Console Development Request for UE4

Information about this process is provided in this article: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Now Supported! - Unreal Engine
In the Unreal Engine FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions - Unreal Engine
And from the Unreal Engine Support page: Visit Unreal Engine Support for Help and Customer Service - Unreal Engine


Thank you, I will do that.