Getting a variable from a widget Blueprint not working [Solved]

Hello guys, im so confused and i really hope anyone could help me with that problem.
I want to set a variable in my Widget Blueprint(which is called IngameMenu). After that i want to GET this variable in my First Person Character Blueprint, to work with it further. As you can see in the pictures, i referenced the ingameMenu-Blueprint with “Menu Reference” in my FP-Character Blueprint. Then i get the variable i want (Material Picked) and set the value of this variable to the Material Selector variable.
The problem is that i get NOTHING when i try to get the MaterialPicked in my FP-BP. But i dont understand why. Im pretty sure this is just a logical problem // easy to solve, but im stuck and so demotivated at this point.
I would really really appreciate if anyone could quickly look over it.
Thanks in advance, .

I want to add that my Widget gets placed in the World from the Editor, so i dont “create” it in one of my blueprints.

Hello fanatiX,

Your issue may be how you are setting your widget reference. To have your variables properly cast from your widget to your character, Have your widget be created inside of your character blueprint, then set the return value as a new variable and add it to the viewport.

Now that you have a new variable that is created after the widget has been made you can use that reference to get the variables values to set what you need! In my example, I passed a material instance from my widget to change the color of a sphere in the character!

Good Luck Creating!

Hello ,
thanks for your fast reply. Indeed you are right, after I created the Widget by myself the communication between my Blueprints work!!
May I ask one more question: What if I want to spawn my Widget in 3D Space (3D Widget)? After I created my Widget, how can i set the position in 3D Space?
Have a good Day, .