Getting a UE4 game on Steam

Has anyone dealt with Steam Development and getting a game made with UE4 built and put up on greenlight?

If so, any information, problems, or trouble that you had? Or where to find info on these areas, I know about Steam’s Greenlight facts etc. pages already but when someone goes thru the process themselves they discover a lot of missing issues & problems.

Haven’t done anything on Steam yet, other than as a user, but it’s best to look ahead. I hope to get a lot on Steam eventually, and use it as an outlet. As I’m sure others are.

Insights are appreciated. Really need help on this subject, I’m totally clueless.

Note: wasn’t sure where to post on forums, so asking here.

Steam Info that is Publicly Viewable

I’ve gone through the process with Steam and Greenlight, but not UE4. Here’s a link to some of the integration info in case you don’t have it:

thx, I guess most of this info would be under some kind of NDA

that helped a lot tho’

mainly was wondering how to wrap a game into steam sdk, how difficult it is and how to completely package it & get it ready for steam to run on as many systems as possible.

wow… thx… think I saw that about a month or so ago… I’m such a dummy. thx a lot

guess it’s time to check out & download the new visual studio they just opened up to everyone, omg… I fear my code.

Don’t fear it, code is your friend. :wink:

hah… you haven’t seen me code yet. lol

but thx for that :slight_smile:

Don’t mention it. :wink:

I’m not gonna lie, my code is kind of messy due to my lack of properly commenting on it… :rolleyes:

What is the total cost?
Licenses, fees, taxes, etc.