Getting a texture's X &Y length in blueprint.

Is it possible to get a texture size from a vector 2d in blueprint?

I ask this as i want to have some automated check so whatever the size of the crosshair should one wish to change it later, it will always be centered in the screen, without having to go back in and account for the size of the texture.

as you can see

ideally there would be something more like this:

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In the HUD example blueprint, the crosshair is not exactly in the middle of the screen. So we can add simple functionality so that the location of the crosshair will be in the center of the screen.

What Size Of CrossHair.
Variable type: Texture2D.
Default value: game/textures/crosshair.

Has the function(s) Get Size been removed as I cannot see them in the latest UE4 version (as in 4.9) ?

FOUND: you need to untick the context sensitive option.