Getting a specific version of UE4?

At my university they tend to only update to the latest installations of software about once a year in the summer. I currently am taking a level design course in which we are using UE4. The issue is that the latest version the computers at school have is exactly 4.20.0. I tried going back home and finding that specific version but have had no luck. I do however have what was available on the epic launcher with version 4.20.3, but the issue is that even in my first assignment I experienced crash issues when using the editor back and forth from school and home. I tend to save the files, compress, extract onto/from a flash drive and extract onto a folder within the pc (usually in Downloads) instead of trying to run the engine on the flash drive like a dummy. Is there anyway I can get that exact version of UE4 (4.20.0) since I am unable to update the version at school? If anyone could get back to me that would be much appreciated!

Well if you school won’t let you download unreal through the launcher, you could user the source build.
In an emergency case I still use a 2.5mm hdd or ssd then use an usb to sata connector, that would be a tad better than a regular flash drive(as i do this for my project backups) then just put the unreal version on there.
Other wise you’ll have to convince (i guess your IT or Department) to update the unreal version.

By the looks of it they havent downloaded the hotfixes at school. Can’t you just ask them to update 4.20.0 to 4.20.3? Those are just fixes and dont have additional content so it wont affect them in any negative way anyway. You can’t revert hotfixes afaik so the only other option that comes to mind is to get a copy of the engine from school, uninstall yours at home and try to get it working, which wont be as smooth as it sounds. :\

Actually i forgot the source code option: