Getting a separate references to instances from within the actor BP

…Here where it comes my question how to reference each actor separately from inside the child actor itself which i’m placing instances of in the world …:slight_smile:

…for instance if i want all the chess pieces to move it should be coded in the parent piece like a timeline or something to make the pawn move …:cool:… …but then if i want the knight piece to move differently from the king piece it should be done on a sub level i mean within the knight child piece or the king child piece …

…the issue here i’m having 2 knights on each side and 2 rooks and 8 pawns (i mean “chess pawns” here) and so on …but i made only one blueprint child for each piece…:D… and i’m not spawning them at runtime instead they are instances placed before hand and i did set their locations from the tiles positions on the chessboard actor construction …:slight_smile: … if i fire “Get all actors from a class” in the game mode that should work fine …but i want it from within the actor BP i’m instancing from .

So what’s the way to get references to each instance placed in the world from within the actor BP that i’m instancing from … :cool:… or is it just another impossible mission …:smiley:

Thank you in advance for any help…:slight_smile: …actually any help would be greatly appreciated cause i’m stuck here …:slight_smile: .