Getting a light to follow camera view?

Currently I am using a capsule collider character controller bp, that can walk around like a fp controller, pick up and drag/throw objects. However since I don’t actually have a camera attached to the bp, and am using the default camera actor that spawns in with the character controller, im having a hard time getting the flashlight (spot light) to follow the camera view and or rotation.

Hey there, you should add a camera component to the character blueprint and if you want the light to move with the camera you can add a point light component as a child actor of the camera.

the problem is, when i had a camera component to the character movement bp it slows down the movement and or is colliding with the player. I have tried playing with the collision channels to see if i could block or ignore it out, but to no such luck. Plus this character movement bp uses a spawned camera actor and that camera will rotate with the mouse movements. If i were to add a camera component i would have to redo some of my work.

It’s currently derived from the bp character controller class

The camera component doesn’t collide with anything, only the spring arm component can do some type of collision. So you should check that problem instead of attaching the camera to the controller.

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i figured out what the problem was lol i forgot to switch on “Use pawn control rotation” in the camera settings, now it works, thanks!