Getting a Hockey Puck to reset it's position in the level.

So I have a first person hockey game, and I want the puck to reset to the origin of the map after a goal has been scored, delay, and then drop to the ground. I have the goal scoring mechanism set up correctly, as shown in the level blueprint picture, but I any command I use to set the location of the puck does not work. How can I move the puck where I want it after a goal has been scored?


you could destroy the puck after it scores and then trigger another one to spawn at the centre

I think killing it and respawning is your best option but for what it’s worth you’d have to disable the physics to set a specific transform. You can then enable it back at puck drop.

I got that part down, but now the goal will not register when the new puck goes in the net. any ideas?

You shouldn’t be using the level blueprint for this, the reason the new puck doesn’t score is that there is no logic telling it to score when it goes in the net.

How can i easily reference the sound cues and trigger boxes within the level in the Puck BP?

If I were you, I’d turn the goals into a blueprint, and then store the scoring logic in there, and then keep sound stuff in the level blueprint.

Ok, but i cant reference the puck from other blueprints besides the level blueprint. I think I have to use casting but I dont understand what exactly to cast to and when.

If it’'s placed in the level, no. Just do what you did above with the puck overlapping the goal.

I’m in my “Goal” Blueprint and I need to get a reference to the puck ( But, I cant figure out how to reference it in this blueprint. This is the core problem and reason why I had it all in the Level BP.

nevermind i figured it out thanks so much for the help though