Getting a Character from one Level to Another?

I’m trying to figure out how to get my character to my second level after touching a basic object but I can’t figure out how to do the blueprints.

In the level you walk for a little bit before touching a cone to get to the next level. Help please?

If you are talking about just going to a different map there is the open level node. This would open that map, that should have a game mode with your same character pawn as default, so it can spawn it.


I would use this node with an actor blueprint that had a sphere collider component that triggers the beginOverlapEvent.

If you are talking about “saving your character” and spawning it again in the new map, with some stats and variables you wanna save, then you should probably make a custom struct to save your data and pass it to the game instance class, and then restore the state of your character from there.

If you are new to Unreal or to game development in general you should be able to find, tutorials for your question, with a much more detailed explanation than my quick response.

Hope this helps :stuck_out_tongue:

MacDx is correct but I just want to expand a bit more on the answer to help you understand how Unreal works.

When you “travel” from a level to another (by loading a new map/using the Open Level node), every actor and blueprint that is currently running is destroyed, along with whatever changes you had made to them or their variables during the previous level. When the new level is opened, the Game Mode is re-created, and in turn creates all the other default blueprints like your character, player controller, etc, all with their default settings.

The only blueprint that is not destroyed when opening a new level is the Game Instance one. There can only ever be one Game Instance at a time, and it’s created when you start playing, and is destroyed when you close the game.