Getting a character from a T-pose to a sitting position without third party software?

I’m not sure if this is possible, but anyway:

I have a character that stands in the T pose when imported. I want him to be in a sitting position.
I’ve tried to do this with Blender but I’m getting all kind of issues with scale, textures and some general weird behaviour.

Is it possible to change the T pose into a sitting pose inside UE4 ?
If I open the skeletal mesh in UE4 I’m able to rotate all the bones to the desired angles and everything looks fine. But when I save the skeletal mesh and reopen it, it is back to it’s original T pose.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

  1. when you use blender in combination with skeletal meshes -> use the 2.70 version :wink:
  2. with the 4.6 it is possible -> use the “recording animation button” (click on it - choose a name + folder - move the bones - press stop)


That did the job. I created a 10 minutes long animation and then cut everything but the final frame away.
Thank you!

Just for future reference, if you only want a single frame pose, you don’t have to record the whole time.
You can take the time to pose the mesh how you want it, then press record and stop straight away.
It will just save 30-40 frames, instead of having your computer record for 10mins.

Probably makes no real difference but that’s how I’ve always done it.

Thanks for the tip Kristiamo :slight_smile: