Getting a Cable Component to be Affected by Wind

I’ve looked pretty hard but haven’t found any answers on how to get the cable component plugin to be affected by any sort of force. I’m aiming for a “power lines swaying in the wind” sort of look, anybody know how to pull this off?

worked like a charm! Thanks a ton

Here a simple setup for making the cable swing:

Hey guys,
I am bit new to Blueprinting in UE4 and trying to replicate the graph shown above in the level blueprint. Would you mind clarifying on where to find “set” function with target pin? I’ve tried to “split struct pin” on my vector, yet it doesn’t allow me to specify the target.
Many thanks in advance.

Create a cable actor, have it selected and right click in the level blueprint. If all went well at the top of the list you’ll see something like “create reference to CableActor1”. Click on it to create the blue flat node for it.
Drag from its output and type “get cable comp” to get the node for the component.
Finally drag from the component’s output and search for “force”. Pick “Set Cable force” from the list to get the Set node. The Target pin should be linked up automatically.

Very new to blueprints, Has this changed at all in UE5? I cant seem to follow your steps @ZoltanE

Thanks anyone for your help!

I really want to know about this ,too

This is what I added for additional randomization.