Getting a Blueprint animation to run in Sequencer and Movie Render Queue


So I have a scene which I am rendering out some animated cameras using sequencer and Movie Render Queue in UE5.

The issue I am facing is I have a blueprint that drives the animation of some escalators within the scene but I don’t know how to add them to the sequencer so that they move when I play the sequencer.

So far I think I add an Event Track then Trigger to the Sequencer and then add a key and then double click that key to go into the sequence editor. After that I’m not sure how I plug in the Escalator BP to play within this.

Does anyone know of any tutorial how to do this as I’ve spent a few hours trying to find out but with no luck.

Thank you,


what if you make a value in the blueprint and then drive it with the sequencer as time vs actual tick value?

Thank you for your suggestion, I’ll give it a go!

If you can animate then set keys in the sequencer.
if you have objects that need to go over a specific path you can create a spline and then add that object to the sequencer and attach the object to spline in the sequencer and just animate along spline