Getting 2 objects to stick to each other in VR

How can I get 2 objects to stick together in a specific manner when they overlap in VR?

Depending on what you are trying to do you can attach a static mesh component to another static mesh component or a static mesh actor to another actor using the respected nodes.

Unreal Engine Tutorial Lesson 8 Attaching Actors & Components (

This tutorial is a little old but it should give you the just of the thing your trying to do.

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Hey there @Pranmudri123! Welcome to the community! My first recommendation matches Uno’s, in that using component/actor attachment you can “stick” objects together, even with specific socket locations if need be. This method basically statically links the two objects, so if that fits your use case, that’s perfect. If you need them to have some other physical interaction between links (for example a chain/rope or a hinge) you’d look into Physics Constraints.