GetTimeLeft Function for Animation

Probably missing the obvious but can anyone see why I always get none returned when I try and get how much time is left to play for an anim. I’ve tried various anim nodes within the anim tree and they all return none.

	local AnimNode AnimNodeS;
        local float tl;
	AnimNodeS =Mesh.FindAnimNode('ride_lhand_idle');
		`log("********** Get anim time left 0*********"$Mesh);
		`log("********** Get anim time left 1*********"$AnimNodeS);
		`log("********** Get anim time left 2*********"$AnimNodeSequence(AnimNodeS));

         	if(AnimNodeS !=none)
                  tl = AnimNodeSequence(AnimNodeS).GetTimeLeft();

[0054.78] ScriptLog: ********** Get anim time left 0*********SkeletalMeshComponent_7
[0054.78] ScriptLog: ********** Get anim time left 1*********None
[0054.78] ScriptLog: ********** Get anim time left 2*********None

bah nevermind, typo in the animtree. Sometimes I just can’t see the wood through the trees …