GetText_0 with wrong number of arguments?

Hello. I am trying to create a count down fuel timer in my game. I am following an online tutorial to do so, which is here:…i5zlxx&index=7

In making this count down fuel timer, I created 3 text blocks. The 1st text block has a “00” in it, which represents minutes; the 2nd text block has a colon in it to separate the minutes from seconds; and the 3rd text block has a “00” in it, to represent seconds.

When I click the 1st text block representing minutes in the HUD file, to make it active, I see that I binded it, and it is assigned to GetText_0 , as shown in the first photo. I also added blueprint functionality given to me by the online tutorial, as shown in the 2nd photo. When I try compiling the file, I get an error that states (also shown in the 2nd photo):

Binding: Property ’ Text Delegate ’ on Widget ’ TextBlock_266 ': Member:GetText_0 Has the wrong number of arguments, it needs to return 1 value and take no parameters.

When the game runs, I am trying to make the minutes number decrement by 1, once the seconds count down to 0. Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong in the Designer or Graph areas of the file, that is generating this error? I would think that GetText_0 is returning 1 value, from the highlighted text block, but it seems to state that I am not. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.