GetRandomReachablePointInRadius returns origin as valid point

I have been playing with GetRandomReachablePointInRadius today and noticed something weird about return status. What I already know is that GetRandomReachablePointInRadius often fails and I need to repeat it multiple times on same location and always check if found point is not origin because when it returns origin it is clear that point is not random.

A few version ago boolean return value was added and it should show whether the check was successful. But see the gif, the clear line I am drawing consists of failed checks but it is sometimes green, even when I am sure that check failed because output value is same as input origin. Another thing is that points that look valid (are randomly scaterred) are often marked as invalid.

Only workaround is to ignore return value and always check if point is not same as origin.

Tested in clear top down template:

Also I am curious how is it possible that checks on exactly same location sometimes fail and sometimes succeed.

bumpy bump

Bumpy bump

test it atleast please and add it to bug tracker, so it will not lost.

You need to add the dependence to Build.cs file