GetRandomLocationInNavigableRadius gets the same location everytime in UE5

I am working on animal AI for my game to make them roam around the forest . for some reason GetRandomLocationInNavigableRadius keeps getting the characters current locaton . thereby the character stays in one spot

Did you put a navigation volume down? ( nav mesh bounds )


yes i did . and it worked for the first few tries(getting a different location and character moving to those locations). but after those first tries it started getting the same location.

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Can you see it in green when you press P?

Yes. I can see the area covered by the nav

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Yup, stumped…

I’m Gonna try upgrading to 5.01 hopefully that changes something .

Ok, good idea. I notice there are some overridden functions in your graph, I don’t know how far you’ve tweaked things.

Maybe also try it in an empty new project?

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ok . the update solve the GetRandomLocationWithinNavigableBounds but the problem now is the move to function doesn’t seems to be doing anything
not sure where the main problem is coming from.

Will probably start a new project

Ok, but now the nav mesh isn’t covering the area?

After updating had to restart the AI programming before figuring out the problem was with the nav mesh . Thanks

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