GetRandom...PointInRadius not work in standalone game

This fragment works well in PIE, but does not work in Standalone mode. GetActorLocation in Standalone mode return valid coordinates. Return Value in Standalone mode always returns false. AI Move to also does not work in this mode. Why so?

To debug this, you’ll want to print/log whether the controlled pawn is valid, what the current position of the pawn is before calling, and what the return values are after calling.
Also, log the name of the “self” object, because there may be more than one object instance.

(Also, making sure that there is a built navmesh, by looking it up and logging that, might help, too.)

I noticed that it depends on the location of the NPC on the level. At launch in the editor such problem is not observed.

Has anybody managed to fix this?

I’m basically having the same issue: A behavior tree task that works everywhere but in the packaged game… how can I solve this? - Unreal Engine / Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

In my case it’s a c++ implementation, and GetRandomReachablePointInRadius works correctly everywhere (including Standalone) BUT in a packaged build, no matter whether Shipping or Debug.

All validity checks are good, but specifically that function returns false when the game is Packaged.

If anybody can, please help!!!